Imperfect Perfections

3 ways on improving self-confidence to make life situations easier


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Klara Jamil, Senior Writer

Self-doubt isn’t something to worry about, it’s the key to success at times. 

Key to self-confidence is getting out of your comfort zone. You’re too scared, go for it, try it out, you won’t regret it. 

Giving a speech: 

Speaking in front of a crowd is a very hard task to complete, especially when someone has anxiety and self-doubt. One of the biggest mistakes that could happen during a speech is thinking about what you look like from the audience’s point of view. Another big mistake is overthinking how the audience perceives you, or just overthinking everything in general. 

How to fix: 

‘’Nobody’s opinion matters. When I know that nobody’s perfect and we all have our bad days, just be you,’’ junior Sally Nader said. 

Others’ opinions should not affect anyone’s speech or their hard work. As long as hard work is put in the speech and you know you’ve done the best you could, nobody’s opinion matters.

When students can’t love themselves things become harder to accomplish. When it comes to speaking in front of a crowd, think as if there’s no one in front, it’s an empty space in your favorite place


Low self-esteem destroys ambitions and dreams. Many people tend to destroy their own dreams by overthinking unnecessary things. Working toward goals is something nice, but destroying it is something else, work harder and don’t doubt oneself.

‘’Acting has been my dream for a while, but my anxiety is slowly destroying every possibility,’’ freshman Athraa Georgies said.

Major mistake that occurs is that some people let their negative mind-set play a part in their life and destroy the dreams and goals they have.

 A lot of dreams in life are ruined because of self-doubt.

How to fix:

Dreaming is what makes goals in life. Goals for the next day that’s ambitions.No one should let low-confidence destroy their happiness. Dream big, dream as much as  wanted. Don’t ever let negative thoughts get a hold of you and the things you do.


Problems in relationships are due to self-confidence or self-doubt, the negative thoughts that cause partners to disagree and argue with one another. When one partner is having problems finding their own worth and can’t get the message to the other partner, disagreement’s start to pile up. 

How to fix:

‘’I see my partner having mood swings a lot and it scares me sometimes. I just try to understand that people have bad days and that makes complete sense,’’ senior Fadi Raphel said.

Partners should communicate about their problems instead of just keeping everything inside, that most likely always leads to trouble and disagreements. Also having someone to speak to could help out with the problems someones going through.