What to Watch on Netflix


Klara Jamil, Junior Writer

Netflix has many good shows but these shows are some of my all time favorites. Especially during this quarantine these might be some suggestions. The reason why I’ve enjoyed watching these shows is because each one has a different drama, others romance and each one has a different way of showing the plot, it may take awhile to watch each because most of them are around 2 to 8 seasons. 

The Vampires Diaries


The shows about two supernatural brothers falling in love with the same girl, while trying to improve their relationship with each other. It’s between a good brother and a bad brother. It has a way of showing the love between the brothers and the girl, the story plotline is so interesting that it grabs the audience’s attention! The show has 8 seasons each episode is around 40 minutes or so, it was first released September 10, 2009 and it ended March 10, 2017. 


    Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is a very smart private detective that goes around solving mysteries with his best friend which they shouldn’t be. He has an older brother that works with the government and in order to protect Sherlock his brother has to stay close by. Those that enjoy mystery shows would love to watch Sherlock Holmes, It has only 4 seasons, each episode is around an hour and 10 minutes. As of now the show isn’t releasing season 5. 



It’s between the rich and middle class. Three teen students were enrolled in exclusive private school, and had to deal with the rich, that lead to murder. This show shows the differences between the rich and middle class, and how society has high expectations for the rich and think money is the answer to every solution. This show has only 3 seasons and around 55 minutes an episode. As of now the show has been stopped but will be coming back with a 4th season. 



It’s three women and three men that are best friends, and an apartment complex in New York. They face real life problems, and get into relationships. They live life together and know everything about each other. Their relationships and breakup are things an average person will not experiecne. It is a great show to watch because it gives out friendship vibes and how individual is. There are 10 seasons, and each episode is around 20 minutes, the show will be having a season 11 soon. 


    One day at a time

A single mother raising her two children living with her mother, and going through the hardships what a family goes through while seeing her children grow up, while keeping their cuban culture alive. Everyone would love a funny independ mother, and what’s better the grandmother, the show is unbelievably well written because it shows the daily life of a family with a little plot twist. The show has 4 seasons, each episode is around 20-30 minutes, the show is still releasing new episodes every wednesday. 



Petty is a high school student that was being bullied because of her weight, but she is now thin and wants to take revenge on those that bullied her. Those that enjoy stories that might give out confidence and motivation this is the right one for you. This show consists of 2 seasons and there will no longer be a 3rd season. 


    Always a witch

A girl that travels in time and falls in love with the king. In order to protect her love she has to figure a way to stay in that period of time. Those that like to watch supernatural shows, this is the exact show you should be watching next. It has only 2 season, and will no longer have anymore. 


Gossip Girls


There’s a gossip girl that shares messages on scandalous news. The students are attending college and looking forward to their future, gossip is still continuing. The Gossip is mysteries. Gossip girl is an interesting show that has a little twist with a whole lot of drama, it’s similar to ‘’friends’’ because it also shows the daily life of gossip and scandals that go around the college. It has 6 seasons and is roughly around 40 minutes an epsiode. This show has ended but it is a great show to add to the list.