Activities to do This Summer


Edie Pilarski, Junior Writer

As the temperature becomes warmer and the sun begins to shine, it is almost impossible to stay inside! At last, summer is approaching and there are many at-home outdoor activities to take part in. After staying inside for a long time, it is very relieving to finally go outside and get fresh air. Not every summer activity has to involve being with friends or visiting crowded areas. This year, summer fun can be found right in your backyard. 


Have a car wash


Washing your car is the easiest summer activity and it is a satisfying one too. Who wouldn’t want a free car wash? A sibling or parent would certainly enjoy having a squeaky clean car. All you need is a bucket full of water, a sponge, a towel and soap. If you do not have soap that is made for washing a car, you can make your own. If you mix a small amount of liquid detergent with a bucket of warm water, this will easily remove any dirt from the car without ruining the finish or paint. You can also use dish soap, but regular car wash soap will get the job done more efficiently.


Make homemade ice cream


On hot days, a great way to cool down is to eat a delicious bowl of ice cream. If you cannot go out to buy ice cream from the store, try making it at home. To make ice cream you will need the following items: ice, 1.5 tsp. vanilla extract, ¼ cup salt, 1 tbsp. sugar, one small plastic bag and one gallon bag, and one cup half and half (or ½ whole milk and ½ cream). First, pour the half and half into the small plastic bag, along with the sugar and vanilla extract. Close the small bag and then fill the gallon bag halfway with ice and the salt. Insert the small bag into the large bag and put more ice on top. Now shake the bag for roughly six minutes and make sure to wear gloves to avoid hurting your hands. After the ice cream is finished, you can mix in any flavors or add toppings of your choice.


Grow a garden


Summer is the prime time to start a garden, whether it be full of vegetables, flowers, or fruit. However, make sure to start gardening as soon as possible because May is the perfect month to begin. If there is room around your house, be sure that the area receives plenty of sunlight and will allow plants to thrive. To begin a flower garden, get a variety of seeds so you can be prepared if some do not make it. Wildflower seed mixes are perfect for beginners and they attract birds and butterflies. Before you start a garden, pull out any weeds from the garden bed so the flowers will have the best living conditions possible. The more seeds, the better. After you become more experienced with gardening, you may start to plant flower bulbs, or even begin a fruit or vegetable garden. Of course, be sure to give the flowers lots of water.


Make the best out of a bonfire


If you have an area where you can hold a bonfire, it is perfect for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. If you do not prefer plain marshmallows, there are alternatives. Try making ‘s’moreos’ or chocolate covered pretzel s’mores. To give your s’mores extra flavor, use Oreo cookies instead of graham crackers and switch out the chocolate with nutella or peanut butter. If you are not a fan of Oreos, simply swap regular chocolate with chocolate covered pretzels and use graham crackers. Invite your family members outside for more fun. After you roast marshmallows or make a s’more, you can look into the sky and watch the stars. Since you should wait until the fire dies down, staying outside to look at the stars is the perfect way to pass time. Put down a blanket in your yard and take a glance into the sky. If you have a telescope or binoculars, you can look for constellations. 


Simply enjoy nature


If you happen to become bored with summer activities, going on a walk around the neighborhood or on nature trails nearby is the easiest outdoor activity to ease your mind. Going on a walk is a great way to exercise as well. If you go on a nature trail, take in the beautiful scenery. Some nature trails and parks you can visit right now are Dodge Park, River Bends Park, Stony Creek Metropark, Lake St. Clair Metropark, or the Macomb Orchard Trail. Before you go out to a park, pack a picnic to bring along. Pack your favorite snacks or drinks and find an area to set down a blanket. See if you can find anything interesting throughout your walk if you go on a trail. You never know what you may discover in the wilderness. Remember to enjoy the breeze and take it all in. If you feel the warm sunshine on your face, don’t forget to put on sunscreen!