“On My Block” or “Outer Banks”?


Amber Cicilian, Junior Writer

It is no secret that Netflix Original Series are some of the most popular and highly praised shows out there. These cult favorite series take the world by storm everytime a new season releases.  Everybody enjoys falling in love with a new storyline that they can binge whenever they like, and these two fan favorite series are no exception. I am of course referring to the widely talked about new series “Outer Banks” and highly loved favorite “On My Block.” Both of these shows are very popular with teenage audiences, and they often mirror each other in plot. But which one is better? 



Let’s start out with the facts. “On My Block” is a Netflix Original spanning three seasons with eight to 10 episodes per season. It’s first season premiered in early 2018 and it’s latest was released earlier this year in March. The series follows a close knit group of four friends who live in a rough inner city neighborhood in California. The viewers see the main characters, Monse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby try to solve the case of the missing Roller World money all while having to deal with Cesar’s family gang, and the troubles of going into highschool. There are inner-group romances, drama, and tragedies that happen along the way. 

“On My Block” was Netflix’s most viewed original series of 2018. Since then, a strong fanbase has been formed that have fallen in love with the diverse characters and plot presented in this show. 



Moving on to the next series, Outer Banks is a Netflix Original with only one season that was released in April of 2020. Once again, this series follows four friends in high school who mainly live on the poor side of the Outer Banks Island. There’s a divide in the town between the rich, called the Kooks, and the poor, called the Pogues. The Pogues, which consist of the main characters, John B, JJ, Pope, and Kiara, try to uncover the missing treasure from the sunken Royal Merchant, while hopefully trying to find out what happened to John B’s missing Father who got lost at sea 9 months prior.

 In the short time that this show has been out, the response has been massive, with internet memes and tons of social media influencers talking about how much they enjoy the series and the cast. Sure, the reason for its rapid increase of viewers and trending status probably has to do with the fact that everyone is stuck at home with nothing to do but lay in bed and make TikToks about your favorite show. But tons of series have come out on Netflix during these past few months, but none of them have been talked about on the internet like Outer Banks has. Even if you have never watched it before, you have definitely seen people talking about it. And for good reason. 



Both of these shows are very entertaining to watch and are loved by millions of people around the world, but, I would think it is safe to say that “Outer Banks” is much better than “On My Block.” The truth of the matter is, both shows have similar plots, but “Outer Banks” excels at glueing you to the screen and surprising you during every episode. When watching it, you have no idea what could happen next, truly leaving you on the edge of your seat. From the first episode you instantly sympathise with the characters and feel like you are on this adventure with them. 

This show is nothing like other coming of age series out there, because it can entertain a large range of viewers. The intensity of the show can entertain an older audience while still appealing to the sense of teenage rebellion and relationships that younger generations love. This show can entertain anyone. 

    Even though “Outer Banks” is better, “On My Block” is still an entertaining show that I recommend to anyone who enjoys teen comedy drama shows. This show is very fun to watch and can have you laughing and crying with the characters in the matter of a few minutes. This show just does not compare to the rush of emotions you feel while watching it’s newer counterpart. “On My Block” focuses on telling the story of often oppressed kids from a rough part of town with comedy involved, which is amazing, but the storyline can just be a little confusing. So much has happened within the three seasons that it can be easy to get lost. 

“Outer Banks” is objectively a better show with its fast paced storyline and amazing character relationships. The goal of this is not to start a war with the Pogues and the Santos, but to point out how two shows with large audiences can portray similar storylines in different ways. Outer Banks has amazed millions of people across the world in such a short amount of time, that you can not help but see that other shows in its category simply do not compare.