How Break Your Boredom


Klara Jamil, Junior Writer

During these hard times, staying in seems to be taking longer than expected, and there seems to be limited things to do, but in fact there’s many things to do in order to feel distracted and break the boredom. 


Netflix Party

 After all the movie theaters closed, bring the theater to your house, and chill with friends, not at your house though. Netflix party is an app to watch with friends and family members no matter how far apart they are. It gives access to chats, and allows anyone who’s watching to pause and unpause as they wish. 


Things to look back when your older

Write thank you letters to people you love, and get inspired from. Writing letters helps by wasting time and getting distracted by something other than sleeping most of the day. Also writing letters to your future self could decrease the boredom. Lastely, video taping yourself for the future you.


    Clean Room

Try improving your room, or even as simple as cleaning it. Think of ways to clean your room, move things around. After all, after cleaning it feels more relaxing, and you’re able to find things quicker. Washing your clothes, and cleaning your shoes, would also be a distraction. 


    Learn new things

Learning new things is always for the best weather, its new language, new hairstyles, and maybe learning how to cook. There’s many languages to learn like German, Korean, Turkish, Italian, and many more. Yes! I have quarantine hairstyles I will totally use after quarantine is done. Learn new things to cook for yourself to stay away from sleeping all day. 



Try new things! Make a pom pom rug, also can be put into your room, for decorations. Crop tops, take old clothes you no longer want and change them into something new and better. Make an outdoor couch, it’s as nice as buying one that’s already made and cheaper. Painted rocks, they seem fun to waste time with. 



Staying healthy and fit is the best way to get over this pandemic. During this time try working out to glow up. Whether it’s mentally or physically that’s a choice.