When Will Sports Return?


Brendan Moore, Senior Writer

Sports fans are dying to watch live events, but there is a risk with that reward. Many sports are unclear when they will return. Others have already begun competition or have set dates to resume play. Once sports are back in full swing, what will it look like?

Last month, Florida decided that sports with a national audience is essential business. This resulted in UFC’s return to the octagon without any fans in attendance. 

I think we will be seeing sporting events without fans until at least September. Packing fans into large stadiums and arenas is a breeding ground for people to get sick. 

    People talk about having stadiums at a certain percentage of capacity. There is an issue with this as well. Instead, the government should present a specific number of people in attendance at any sporting event. 

    I do think that sporting events can be done safely right now, as long as proper precautions are taken. 

    Before UFC 249, which took place last Saturday, everyone entering the empty arena was tested for the coronavirus. Sports can return if there are enough tests to distribute to every event.

    The NCAA voted last Wednesday to allow voluntary workouts for football and basketball beginning June 1st. Many colleges are confident that there will be fall sports this year.

    University of Nebraska athletic director Bill Moos requires athletes to be quarantined for two days and get tested before they can step on the playing field.

    I firmly believe it is the right time to bring back sports for good, as long as necessary precautions are taken.