The Cast of “The Office” Reunites


Maddie Shlaimon, Junior Writer

Among the crazy events in the world, if there is a meaningful opportunity, “The Office” cast will reunite. 

John Krasinski reunited the cast of “The Office” on Zoom to throw a virtual wedding for a Maryland couple on his Youtube show. The fans got engaged in a similar way to Jim and Pam in the show. Krasinski decided to virtually bring back more than half of the cast from “The Office” including Steve Carell, Jenny Fischer, Mindy Kaling, and Rainn Wilson for the couple. The couple Susan and John were surprised by Krasinski on a live Zoom call, who first brought their parents and close friends to join along with them and see the cast members.

Krasinski introduced Jenna Fischer as Susan’s maid of honor and country singer Zac Brown performed a song for the couple. After the “I do’s” were exchanged, officially pronouncing Susan and John husband and wife, he delivered the big reveal to the couple. Virtually, the entire cast of “The Office” popped up on the screen and began dancing to celebrate from their homes. It was very exciting for the couple and for the cast members.

    Fans of the show were very excited to see them together since the show ended in the year of 2013. It circulated all over social media and was trending on all platforms.

    “It was very exciting to see the whole cast reunite together, especially during this difficult pandemic with coronavirus, when I saw it trending, I was pretty happy,” senior Anna Bartulio said, “I really hope they reunite in person though.”

    The show has been watched by millions and it has been a very popular and enjoyed tv series by young adults since the release of the show in 2005.

“The Office is and always will be my favorite tv series, I have been watching it for a very long time ever since it was put on streaming services like Netflix, so it was pretty cool to see them all together on video chat,” senior Marylena Youkhana said.

Hardcore fans of “The Office” were very excited and happy to see everybody reunite together and catch up on their lives, especially with the whole global pandemic and COVID-19 situation that is currently occuring in the world. It shined some light for the fans on social media and the couple were excited that they were involved. Fans hope that the cast members of the show will be able to reunite in person once everything is back to normal.