Tech for Tots


Seraphina Kue, Junior Writer


With an iPhone in one hand, the TV in the background, and their iPad set to YouTube, it’s become apparent that over the decade technology has risen up to the top of our lists, becoming one of our top priorities and controlling our daily activities. However, now that we have been given more opportunities to use these newly-invented devices, it has been highly debated whether or not young children in preschool and kindergarten deserve all the technology they get.

People fear children might become dependent on these devices and become slower learners. I believe that having technology in classrooms helps children develop their creativity and social skills. Technology also  empowers independence and increases problem-solving.

Although there are many positive benefits to technology, there are also negative impacts. Social media and the internet can be unsafe because of cyber bullying and leaked personal information. Research also shows that blue lights from electronic devices slow the production of melatonin, making it harder to fall asleep. For developing children, this is an important factor.  On top of this, technology causes children to be unmotivated and anti-social.

Both sides are equal, with their hefty amounts of good and bad. But which side is better? Personally, I believe that kindergartners deserve the technology they get. It proves worthy when you realize that it can provide more of a sense of independence and possibly increase children’s range of knowledge.