Second in the World First in our Heart

The ThunderChickens take on World’s this year right here in Detroit.


Madeline Cronin, Junior Writer

Consider adding a more exciting lead here– Make sure you focus on how good they did at their last comp.

Tools are spread out across the room and unfinished robot parts are scattered along with them. This is the workshop of the ThunderChickens, a robotica club that represents the entire district of Utica Community School.   

As one of most founded clubs at school, the ThunderChickens are not as well known as some of their more popular counterparts. With their newly awarded title of second in the world, it’s about time time they get the recognition they deserve.

The ThunderChickens is a robotics club that builds robots to compete in competitions against other robots. All the machines are made by the students who have to work out all the problems they face using each other for help.  

The team is not just exclusively for Henry Ford students, it is the team for the entire UCS district. This makes the team a good academic experience and also a great way to meet people from different schools.

“I joined because I’ve always had an interest in programing so a robotics team seemed like a great way to explore my interests further,” junior Evan Bryer said.

The team has had an amazing season finishing second in the world competition from April 26-28. This competition was hosted in Detroit and many teams from different countries attended such as France, Afghanistan and China.   

“It’s been our best season in years,” sophomore Aaryan Patel said. “I’m so proud of us for making it this far.”

The team dynamic is also a little different than most athletic teams because each department has student leaders so they are able to have a say in the decisions that are being made as well as the way the team conducts itself.

Because they spend so much time together, the team is really close with each other. “Coming in second has been one of the best things to happen to me all year,” sophomore Matthew Attisha said. “I love the people and the team is like my family.”

The ThunderChickens is a fun way for students to get experience in programing and robotics as well as making new friends. To join this club, you have to fill out an application and turn it in to Mr. Arscheene and the IRC by October and they take forty to fifty students a year.

Working on the scattered parts of the room and using tools and their minds to solve problems are only a few reasons the students of ThunderChickens were so successful.The kids in the club are great at what they do and hopefully they get the recognition they deserve.