Taking out the trash

Henry Ford II students join together to help clean up school grounds.

Jackie Phillips, Junior Writer

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As they walk around the field, Interact students pick up any piece of trash that litters the ground, even if it’s miniscule. On April 27, Matthew Trombley and Kate Walker took their Interact students out the the school grounds to help take out the trash.

This is Interact’s third year organizing and participating in School Beautification Day. With their motto being “service above self,” their plan was to make the school look nice and get people to appreciate the beauty of the Earth.

“I really enjoyed doing this, it made me realize how hard people work to keep things clean and pretty,” sophomore Olivia Haberski said.

Many organizations take part in cleaning up the earth on Earth Day, such as the Earth Day Network. This organization is currently focusing on plastic pollution. They reach out to other organizations, individuals and educators to spread their message.

Beautification Day was Interact’s way to help better the earth. To prepare, Interact bought mulch, weed killer and flowers to take care of the grass and fields. The group went around and planted flowers into pots outside of each entrance of the school.

The students spent all six periods of the school day out on the grounds, picking up garbage, laying down mulch and spraying weeds. Due to the fact that the kids gave up their day to clean, they were bought a lunch and snacks were provided throughout the day for the hard working members of the club.

Some teachers, such as Beth and Brian Vento took their classes outside throughout the day and helped the club with cleaning up the school. Instead of handing out worksheets, the teachers handed out rubber gloves and plastic bags to hold the trash.

“I think it was really cool that they decided to do something like this,”  sophomore Colin Bauer said. “Mrs. Vento let us help too, so I got to do my part in helping.”

Students joined hand in hand with their teachers went out to the field, got their hands dirty and did their part to contribute to the Earth.