College admissions checklist

All the criteria that colleges take into consideration when admitting future students.

Jackie Beller, Junior Writer

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All around the country students are spending an abundance of time and money in order to achieve a perfect score on the SAT or ACT, so they can better their chances at their dream school. However, some colleges have stated that there is more information  considered when selecting applicants. So what are universities really looking for?

For most colleges standardized tests are not the only deciding factor. Colleges look at overall GPA, extracurricular activities that students are involved in, and test scores. Schools also look at the types of classes that students are involved in and the amount of dedication they have for certain classes.

Colleges such as  Grand Valley State University, Oakland University, Wayne State University, and Central University have all stated that, “a poor score will not determine if a student will be rejected or not”. In fact colleges now include open ended questions on applications where students are able to explain why their score may not have been their best.

The number a student gets on a standardized test do not prove a students worth because most tests do not hit all the topics learned in school.  Colleges understand that students are under large amounts of pressure when taking these tests and they do not expect them to be perfect. Colleges want students who do more than just test well.

Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Brown, and Yale require near to perfect scores, so it is still important to take these test seriously. Admissions suggest a 2120-1500 on the SAT or higher for a solid chance of an admission offer. GPA requirements for Ivy League schools range from a 3.84-3.9 and higher.The average student looking to attend a state university needs a GPA of 2.7 or higher and a SAT score of 1050.

For the average student the SAT and ACT should not be a cause for concern. Colleges do not rate students on a single score that reflects on only test taking skills. The best way to prepare for college applications is to do well in school and participate in a variety of out of school activities. When it comes to applying to colleges the SAT is just one of many factors looks at.